Bauer Media Group and SHINE Conventions organize first digital lifestyle festival for the target group 50plus: House Party for the Generation WOW


On 28 and 29 October 28 2021, the first "Generation WOW Lifestyle Festival" for women in the age group of 50plus will celebrate its premiere in Berlin and on Vimeo. Bauer Media Group and SHINE Conventions invite the target group to a digital house party hosted from the Friends Space in Berlin. The lifestyle festival will take place with only a few participants live on location and simultaneously as a livestream event on the Vimeo platform: Two evenings, one show, four hours of infotainment each with a mix of live show and inserts in five topics with stars, speakers, content creators and the editorial team of the Bauer magazine "Meins" on site. Celebrity host of the Gen. WOW event is actress and content creator Elena Uhlig.

The Bauer brand Meins brings the Gen. WOW spirit into the living rooms of the participants: Within the themes of Food & Indulgence, Beauty & Fashion, Health, Sport & Wellness, Home, Hobby & DIY and Stars & Entertainment, various partners will be authentically integrated in different formats: In addition to a live cooking session with dm, there will be a beauty talk with Nivea and a part on the topic of well-being by and with Galderma. C&A will present the latest fall styles, while Gina Laura will introduce participants to the Italian way of life. Angelika Schindler-Obenhaus, CEO of Gerry Weber, will be styling a mother-daughter-couple live on air and Deutsche Bahn will be providing exciting insights into the world of tomorrow. In addition, other great brands and agenda items will be part of the Gen. WOW event.

In addition to host Elena Uhlig, speakers such as beauty expert Boris Entrup, actress Rebecca Immanuel, content creator Simone Adams, the Fuckthefalten bloggers Sabine Fuchs and Uli Heppel and others will act as strong Gen. WOW voices. They enrich the program with talk panels and exchange formats.

A digital check of the Generation WOW target group

The Meins editorial team at the Bauer Media Group knows the 50-plus target group like no one else. Continuous market research and close, direct exchange with the Meins community make it possible to identify and satisfy needs quickly and specifically. "We have long been connected with our readers 360 degrees on any platform and have a strong community," says Bastienne Früh, deputy publishing director for the Women division at Bauer Media. "With our festival, we are further expanding the Meins brand and strengthening our position in the market. With the house party, we are taking on an innovator role. We have recognized that the target group is currently undersupplied with dedicated entertainment formats." Meins editor-in-chief Sabine Ingwersen adds, "The 50-plus generation are digital power women. We know that over 60% use the Internet every day and over 50% are on social networks like Instagram and other social networks several times a month. For another 50%, YouTube is part of everyday life."

Digital festival: planning security and unrestricted participation

The digital house party program is an adaptation of the originally planned Lifestyle Festival by Meins. The unique concept is characterized by diverse opportunities for interactive brand staging, concentrated reach and high planning reliability. Partners receive a direct and personal contact to their target group and can actively engage in exchange via livestream and social media. "Participants can take part in program points such as Party Pilates or makeovers together without any restrictions or safety concerns. We have solved the challenges and uncertainties of the current times with a digital, and small hybrid version of the event, which allows both exclusive ticket winners an analog festival - and provides safe access to hundreds of interested people in front of the screens," said Maiko Heinrich, CEO of SHINE Conventions. Next year, the event will take place on an even larger scale and will be further developed with the learnings and insights from this year.

The distribution of event tickets for 2021 is already in full swing. Hundreds of women have already registered in advance. In addition to the free ticket, participants can purchase exclusive WOW boxes with the products of many partners with a total value of more than EUR 200 as a high-quality accompaniment to the event since 29 September 2021 for the price of EUR 34.95.

The Gen. WOW Lifestyle Festival 2021 – at a glance

Date: Thursday, October 28 and Friday, October 29, 2021
Time: each day 18:00 - 22:00 clock
Location: Friends Space Berlin
Tickets: 2 x 6 on-site tickets were raffled exclusively among the Meins community; the digital tickets and WOW boxes can be purchased here.

Our partners at a glance
For the premiere of the Gen. WOW event, partners such as C&A, Bastei Lübbe, Beiersdorf (Nivea Haus), Bijou Brigitte, Curaden, Deutsche Bahn, dm, Galderma, Gerry Weber, GlaxoSmithKline, Herbaria, Maria Galland, Ulla Popken (Gina Laura), Villeroy & Boch and Walbusch will be present and will help shape the program.

Our speakers at a glance
In addition to host Elena Uhlig and the Meins editorial team, creators and speakers such as beauty expert Boris Entrup, the Fuckthefalten bloggers Sabine Fuchs and Uli Heppel, actress Rebecca Immanuel, TV celebrity Natascha Ochsenknecht, Sandra Christen aka Frau Bunt kocht, fitness coach Gaby Liehmann as well as Content Creators Petra Dieners, Gabi Mentrup and Simone Adams will on hand.

[1] Source: b4p 2020 I Limbic; target group: Me Agains or Experienced Actives (=11.77 million).)


As event and live marketing enthusiasts, SHINE Conventions is, among other things, the inventor and organiser of the successful beauty convention "GLOW by dm", the lifestyle convention "Generation WOW - presented by Meins" and the New Year's Eve celebrations "Celebrate at the Gate" at the Brandenburg Gate. They work with all relevant influencers and brands from the beauty, fitness, food and lifestyle sectors, turning brands into experiences, products into events and campaigns into successes. SHINE Conventions GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Social Chain AG and, together with DEF Media GmbH, forms the "Media & Experiences" division within the Social Chain group of companies.