Catrub ONE - The stylish piece of furniture for happy cats


Stylish, practical and multifunctional: Catrub ONE, the modern cat lounge, is the new must-have for cat lovers and their pets! Thanks to its elegant design, it fits perfectly into any interior and offers all domestic cats a playground, scratching post and resting place in one. Lots of fun for the cat and little work for the owner - because Catrub ONE can be set up in no time and is quick and easy to clean!

Patrick Weifels, founder of Catrub: "We had the idea for Catrub ONE whilst talking with friends. Many cat owners told us that they had problems with the appearance, cleaning and durability of their cat furniture. We finally wanted to solve these problems and find a solution that would work for both cats and owners. We are very happy that we were able to convince our favourite “lion”, Ralf Dümmel, of our idea and to invest in us - his team supports us and is always on hand for advice!"

Developed by cat lovers

A smart father-son duo: Karl and Patrick Weifels’ mission is to improve cat trees in a way that makes both cats and their owners happy. The result: a simple, modern design, easy cleaning and multiple options for the four-legged friends. Catrub ONE impressed on the VOX startup show "Die Höhle der Löwen": Ralf Dümmel is convinced by the stylish cat furniture and closed a deal with the founders.

A furniture for all what cats need

Catrub ONE offers activity and relaxation in one: ball games, springs, sisal mats, scratching post and pillows will delight any cat! The elements are replaceable and the individual parts can be easily exchanged!

Depending on a cat’s mood, the four-legged friend can use Catrub ONE for scratching, as a playground, for wellness, sleeping or as a retreat - and exercise, relax, sharpen its claws or look after its fur. In addition, the installation is done quickly and easily: Simply install the wooden feet, set up and ready. Instructions, tools and screws are included. Cleaning is also convenient, because Catrub ONE is quickly disassembled and the plastic parts can be easily washed under the shower or tap. This must-have is stylish, space-saving, multifunctional and practical - and no cat household should be without it!

Catrub ONE is currently available at for €199.

Ralf Dümmel, CPO of The Social Chain AG: "Anyone better qualified to develop cat furniture than someone who has eight cats at home? The cat experts Karl and Patrick know what the cats love and have reinvented the cat tree. A great designer piece for cats. And also a very appealing presentation - and not only because of the cute cats. I was really impressed by Karl and Patrick's performance and look forward to working with them!"