Successfully profitable: Social Chain AG achieves revenues of around EUR 620 million and more than EUR 20 million EBITDA (adjusted) in 2021


Preliminary proforma numbers for the 2021 financial year:​

  • Revenue EUR 620m
  • EBITDA – more than EUR 20m (adjusted)

Guidance announcement for the full year 2022 to be announced at the Capital Markets Day on 9 March 2022​

Berlin, 21 February 2022. The Social Chain AG (WKN: A1YC99) confirms its forecasts for 2021 with revenue of around 620 million Euros and a clearly positive EBITDA (adjusted) of more than 20 million Euros. The proforma consolidated annual numbers are thus on target confirming expectations for the profitable growth course.

“Social Chain AG is solidly profitable – even before special effects adjustments”, summarises CEO Wanja S. Oberhof. “We successfully implemented several extraordinarily large specialist projects in 2021: The merger with DS Group, the uplisting to the Prime Standard and the associated IFRS conversion. This makes me proud and I thank our entire team of 1,400 employees for their outstanding performance. Our vision for 2022 is clear: to put all the power of our Social Commerce knowledge into building our own brands and products, first and foremost into our flagship brands KoRo, CLASEN BIO, LANDMANN, URBANARA and BEEM.“

Even without adjustments, the group will deliver a positive proforma EBITDA of around 7 million Euros this year. “Social Chain AG has grown extraordinarily fast and profitably over the past three years, from a reported 35 million Euro in revenues in 2019, to 130 million Euro in 2020, to a proforma consolidated 620 million Euro in annual revenues in 2021”, adds Wanja S. Oberhof.

The process of converting to IFRS is still underway and the final numbers will be published at the Capital Market Day on 9 March 2022. “Behind us lies an exciting and eventful year 2021. It was marked by important decisions with which we laid the organisational foundation to launch our scalable Social Commerce vision. We are thus changing our business focus from growth to sustainable profitability. My guiding principle as CFO is clear: planability, sustainability, solidity”, analyses CFO Christian Senitz, referring to current studies on the overall Social Commerce market.

Current study: Social Commerce will become a trillion-dollar market by 2025

Current studies assume that the global Social Commerce sector will grow three times as fast as traditional e-commerce to 1.2 trillion US dollars in 2025. Researchers estimate that up to one third of sales will be triggered by millennials (Generation Y), who are the most active on social media platforms. The young generation‘s share of Social Commerce spending is estimated at around 401 billion US dollars (Source: Accenture 2022 „Why Shopping‘s Set for a Social Revolution“1).

LANDMANN to become D2C Brand with Community of Millions

In order to utilise this potential in a market-leading approach, the focus for Social Chain AG in 2022 is clearly on fully utilising synergy potential and building strong brands internationally. To achieve this, Social Chain AG is combining its strengths in the area of Social Commerce with the many years of experience and the network from the classic retail distribution of DS Group. “Now we are focusing on our D2C brand development, first and foremost Germany‘s oldest barbecue brand LANDMANN. Germany‘s oldest barbecue manufacturer is currently being set up by our social media and branding experts as an international D2C brand with its own community of millions and omnichannel sales”, reports Chief Product Officer (CPO) Ralf Dümmel.

Save the Date: Capital Markets Day on 9 March 2022

We will be pleased to inform you about the guidance of Social Chain AG for the year 2022, detailed figures for 2021 and the specific synergy effects of the acquisition of DS Group at our Capital Market Day on 9 March 2022 at 4:00 pm. The invitation will be sent shortly.

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About The Social Chain AG: Social Commerce at a Global Scale
We are Social Commerce pioneers and social media is our marketplace. As a house of entrepreneurs, we are reshaping the world of brands and commerce, turning wishes and ideas into products with our combined sales power. We understand how to develop our own brands and products into direct-to-consumer brands with the power of social media and how to market them to specific target groups. We offer our entrepreneurs and retail partners an all-round carefree package in-house: from our own product development, legal review, production, quality assurance, marketing and communication to logistics and everything that brands and products need to grow and become successful.

Social Chain AG currently has around 10,000 products in the categories of Food, Home & Living, and Beauty & Fitness as well as successful brands such as LANDMANN, the oldest German barbecue manufacturer, and KoRo in its range. Social Chain AG brings the products „Digital first – direct to Customer“ directly to the customers‘ homes. Plus: Thanks to the excellent retail network of the sales experts, the products are placed in more than 40,000 retail shops – to touch and take away immediately.

The best-known heads of The Social Chain AG are Ralf Dümmel and Dr. Georg Kofler, both investors of the VOX start-up show „Die Höhle der Löwen“. In addition to Ralf Dümmel as Chief Product Officer, Christian Senitz as Chief Financial Officer and Wanja S. Oberhof as Chief Executive Officer manage the company’s business.

The company has its headquarters in Berlin and over 1,400 employees. Other locations are New York, Manchester, Stapelfeld near Hamburg, London, Gallin and Los Angeles. The shares of Social Chain AG (WKN: A1YC99) have been listed in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 12 November 2021.

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