Financial expert Andreas Schneider appointed new CFO of Social Chain AG


• The former CFO of DS Group, Andreas Schneider, is appointed CFO of Social Chain AG
• Contract with CEO Wanja S. Oberhof and term of office extended by a further three years
• Chief Product Officer Ralf Dümmel appointed Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board
• The previous CFO of Social Chain AG, Christian Senitz, has resigned from his position for private reasons

Berlin, 12 May 2022. Andreas Schneider will be Social Chain AG‘s new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) from 1 June 2022. Schneider started his career at Otto Group, where he held managerial positions at various locations in Germany and abroad. Since 1999, the business economist has been responsible for the areas of finance, digitalisation and logistics as CFO and Managing Director of DS Group. During his time as a member of the management board, revenue has increased tenfold. Since 2021, he has been part of the management board of Social Chain AG, where he is also responsible for post-merger integration.

The new CFO is looking forward to the tasks ahead: “At Social Chain AG, I can effectively apply my expertise from operational and strategic controlling – a great opportunity and a responsibility that I am happy to take on. In Social Chain AG’s dynamic environment our focus in the coming quarters will be on consolidation, integration, and internationalisation,” explains Andreas Schneider.

The current CFO of Social Chain AG, Christian Senitz, is leaving the company on good terms and will support the smooth transition in the coming weeks: “After a very intensive and defining financial year for Social Chain, I am leaving Social Chain due to private reasons and on good and friendly terms. I am delighted that Andreas Schneider will be taking over these tasks.”

Chairman of the Supervisory Board Dr Georg Kofler bids farewell to Senitz with great appreciation: “I would like to express my respect and appreciation to Christian Senitz for his outstanding work. I would like to particularly emphasise his successes in 2021 with the IFRS conversion, the uplisting of Social Chain AG to the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the M&A process for the acquisition of DS Group.”

CEO Wanja S. Oberhof‘s contract extended, Ralf Dümmel takes on additional responsibilities
The CEO of Social Chain AG, Wanja S. Oberhof, has extended his management contract with Social Chain AG for another three years. The Supervisory Board has approved the extension of the term of office of Mr Wanja S. Oberhof by this additional three years. Georg Kofler: “In addition to managing the company, Wanja S. Oberhof will be responsible for the areas of Social Commerce and Social Media. I am convinced that he will shape these core capabilities of Social Chain AG through his innovative spirit and entrepreneurial instinct.”

Ralf Dümmel, Chief Product Officer, is appointed Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board in addition to his current Executive Board position. He is to combine the innovative products and brands of the group with the growth opportunities of the omnichannel sales structure. “I am very pleased that Social Chain AG is positioned professionally and commercially with this board team – this is a solid and innovative basis for our ambitious plans for the future,” says Ralf Dümmel.

With Wanja S. Oberhof, Ralf Dümmel and Andreas Schneider, the board of directors is made up of three entrepreneurial minds that productively complement each other personally and in their expertise: “I am looking forward to working with my new board colleague Andreas Schneider and of course with Ralf Dümmel. We live entrepreneurial dynamics and financial solidity and I know that Andreas Schneider is a guarantor for a smooth integration and solid financial structures,” says Wanja S. Oberhof, CEO of Social Chain AG.

Andreas Schneider


Growing up in Hamburg and on the East Coast of the USA, Andreas Schneider started his business career at Otto Group with stops in Hamburg, Milan / Biella and Munich.

Dieter Schwarz, founder of DS Produkte, brought Andreas Schneider back to Hamburg at the end of 1999. Here, Andreas Schneider has been Managing Director of DS Group for over 20 years and has since been responsible for the areas of finance, controlling, logis- tics and IT. During this time, DS Group has increased its turnover tenfold. In this dynamic environment, Andreas Schneider built his areas of responsibility into important pillars of the company‘s so- lid growth. Andreas Schneider has been Social Chain AG’s Chief Financial Officer since spring 2022. Andreas Schneider is married and has two grown-up sons.

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About The Social Chain AG: Social Commerce at a Global Scale
We are Social Commerce pioneers and social media is our marketplace. As a house of entrepreneurs, we are reshaping the world of brands and commerce, turning wishes and ideas into products with our combined sales power. We understand how to develop our own brands and products into direct-to-consumer brands with the power of social media and how to market them to specific target groups. We offer our entrepreneurs and retail partners an all-round carefree package in-house: from our own product development, legal review, production, quality assurance, marketing and communication to logistics and everything that brands and products need to grow and become successful.

Social Chain AG currently has around 10,000 products in the categories of Food, Home & Living, and Beauty & Fitness as well as successful brands such as LANDMANN, the oldest German barbecue manufacturer, and KoRo in its range. Social Chain AG brings the products “Digital first – direct to Customer” directly to the customers‘ homes. Plus: Thanks to the excellent retail network of the sales experts, the products are placed in more than 40,000 retail shops – to touch and take away immediately.

The best-known heads of The Social Chain AG are Ralf Dümmel and Dr. Georg Kofler, both investors of the VOX start-up show “Die Höhle der Löwen”. In addition to Ralf Dümmel as Chief Product Officer, Andreas Schneider as Chief Financial Officer and Wanja S. Oberhof as Chief Executive Officer manage the company’s business.

The company has its headquarters in Berlin and over 1,300 employees. Other locations are New York, Manchester, Stapelfeld near Hamburg, London, Gallin and Los Angeles. The shares of Social Chain AG (WKN: A1YC99) have been listed in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

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