Impact investment opportunity: Vytal, a Cologne-based startup for reusable packaging launches crowd investing campaign to accelerate expansion in Germany and Europe


On November 22, 2022, the Cologne-based company Vytal launched a crowd investing campaign through the sustainable investment platform WIWIN. The money will be invested in the development of the digital reusable packaging network for takeaway food and beverages. Currently, Vytal is the largest digital provider of this type with more than 3,500 participating gastronomes and a presence in other European countries.

In addition to the existing Vytal community of more than 330,000 users, Vytal's campaign addresses private investors who are focusing on a return on investment with a real environmental impact. Vytal enables all interested parties to support the project with a five-year investment of between 250 and 25,000 Eeuros. In addition to 7% fixed interest rate per annum. and a potential bonus interest of a further max. 7%, the focus is on contributing to a waste-free future.

Investment opportunity with environmental impact - this makes the use of Vytal twice as much fun

Vytal's sales potential is inextricably linked to the number of disposable containers saved. Gastronomic partners pay a fixed amount per use of a Vytal container. In most cases, the use of Vytal is even cheaper for them than comparable disposable packaging. Users borrow Vytal’s reusable containers free of charge and track in the Vytal app how many disposable containers they have already saved, at the respective restaurant and in each city. Vytal users can borrow an unlimited number of containers free of charge for 14 days, only having to provide their payment option (PayPal, credit card, etc.) for security purposes. Since its foundation, the Vytal community has already replaced more than 4.8 million disposable containers.

Mandatory reusable packaging to be introduced in Germany from January 1, 2023 - other countries to follow

As of 2023, food services in Germany will be required by law to offer takeaway and delivered meals in reusable packaging and to inform their customers of this obligation. In many other European countries, similar laws to promote reusable packaging are about to be introduced. As a result, the market for reusable solutions will grow strongly in the short term and offer great growth potential.

Warning: The acquisition of this security involves substantial risks and may result in the complete loss of the assets invested. A basic information sheet has been published. This should be read by investors before making an investment decision and can be found here without access restrictions.


Dr. Tim Breker



When the founders of VYTAL ventured into Die Höhle der Löwen in its 8th season, Georg Kofler was immediately impressed by their business idea and invested 450,000 Euros with the Food Chain GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Social Chain AG. In a very short time, the start-up established itself as the market leader for sustainable food packaging with its app-based multiple-use system. In February 2021, Social Chain AG increased its investment in VYTAL GmbH by a further 300,000 Euros.