KoRo launches subsidiary KoRo Source - Finding products instead of searching for manufacturers


The Berlin-based retailer KoRo launches around 50 new products in the food and non-food sectors every month, thus expanding its range to around 1,400 products since it was founded in 2014 - and the trend is rising. With the platform developed by Luckenbach and Pammé, the newly founded subsidiary KoRo Source wants to offer users an easy way to bring products to market. The contact persons at KoRo Source support customers from development and launch to scaling. Additional services such as support with packaging design, store set-up, quality management or marketing can also be taken advantage of. Thanks to the database of over 500 manufacturers, more than 2,500 ready-to-sell white label products can be offered, which can be customized on request.

Testimonials were yesterday

Today's brand owners are also their own brand ambassadors, and for a long time this has not been reserved for a small group of "stars". Through social media, any creator with a wide reach and a large community can take this step. It is not brands that decide which products fit the community, but the creators. Piran Asci, CEO at KoRo, has long observed this development:
KoRo has become big through influencer:in recommendations and collaborations. Last year, we generated 50% of our revenue, around 30 million euros, thanks to influencer:inside collaborations. These content creators are building up their own brand world and increasingly launching their own products on the market. KoRo Source is designed to make this journey as easy and efficient as possible.

The first true all-in-one solution for sourcing

Manuel Luckenbach and Daniel Pammé let their many years of experience flow into KoRo Source. The user-friendly platform they have developed is designed to make the process of sourcing simple, even for the inexperienced. Since 2008, the two founders have sourced hundreds of products for their own brands, as well as

"We know both sides: Manufacturer and customer. We have always been bothered by how complicated the process is, from brainstorming to implementation. Nowadays, the entire communication and coordination still takes place mainly by e-mail and telephone. This costs time, nerves and bears the risk of forgetting important points. We want to offer a platform that simplifies these processes and bundles many other services in one place and significantly accelerates collaboration through intelligent file management." Daniel Pammé, Managing Director KoRo Sourcing

"After hundreds of product launches, both for our own brands and for other companies, we learned a lot but were also often frustrated. We had our aha moment in 2018 when we had to send a fax to a manufacturer to get approved for the dealer store." Manuel Luckenbach

As a result, the founders created the first true all-in-one solution for sourcing and product launches in Germany. The mission: to make product development, production and purchasing for private and white label products as easy, affordable and efficient as possible. In 2021, KoRo CEO Piran Asci became aware of Unisource's success and contacted the founders to discuss a possible collaboration. From now on, Luckenbach and Pammé will work with KoRo to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into products.


KoRo reinvents retail. By skipping trade stages, efficient process flows and bulk packaging in a sleek design, the brand makes high-quality food available to everyone at fair prices. The range includes a wide variety of long-life, natural and processed foods, as well as kitchen utensils, cooking accessories and hygiene products. In doing so, KoRo pursues its vision of becoming Europe's leading supplier of food and goods by consistently implementing its five basic principles: quality, short supply chains, bulk packaging, fair prices, and transparency.