Silkslide Pro - The world's first nose shaver - no battery, no electricity, no pain!


Soft, comfortable, fast and precise: that's Silkslide Pro, the first nasal shaver! Thanks to its ergonomic shape, adapted to the inner walls of the nose, and the high-quality blades, shaving nose hair is now a breeze. The Silkslide Pro requires no electricity or batteries, can be used multiple times and is easy, safe and hygienic!

Alexander Weese Founder of Silkslide Pro: "I had long wanted to implement my idea and present it on "Die Höhle der Löwen"! I developed the Silkslide Pro together with ENT specialists - because it should not only be practical and effective, but also comfortable, safe and hygienic. Now I'm thrilled to have a deal with Ralf - we share the same enthusiasm for problem solvers and are both enthusiastic."

The best thing about Silkslide Pro: Nose hairs can be shaved easily, quickly and above all pain-free! No more plucking, waxing or awkward cutting! Simply soap or oil the nostrils, moisten the shaver, grip it and insert it into the nose, then twist it in the direction of the arrow. After use, simply clean SilkSlide with lukewarm water - and use it over and over again. Trimming nose hair has never been so pleasant!

Silkslide Pro is currently available at for €8.99.

Ralf Dümmel, CPO of The Social Chain AG: "Nose hair is unpleasant and annoying. That's exactly why Alexander developed the Silkslide Pro razor, which shaves nose hair only in the lower part of the nose. What an ingenious product! Not to mention a really exciting performance with a lot of tension! I'm glad Alexander decided to close a deal with me and I'm convinced it will be a great success story."

Safe, easy and hygienic:

  1. Before shaving: rub a little soap, beard oil or foam between thumb and forefinger and spread in both nostrils.
  2. Moisten the nasal shaver under warm water.
  3. Grasp it underneath its head.
  4. Insert approx. one centimeter into the nose.
  5. Turn in the direction of the arrow along the wall of the nostril.

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