New Marketing Services for Direct-to-Consumer Brands: Social Chain AG forms Social Commerce Alliance GmbH


  • From first click to digital points of sale: Consultancy, strategy and services along the entire digital customer journey
  • Founding CEO Christian Rüsken: "The Social Commerce Alliance offers customer-centric end-to-end solutions from social media and e-commerce."
  • Broad network: Access to 250 digital experts in Berlin, Manchester and New York as well as own social media communities and influencers
  • Total revenue of Social Chain AG for digital marketing services increases by 50 percent to EUR 90m
  • Wanja S. Oberhof: "The innovative Digital Marketing Services business is an important pillar for us, both from a business and a creative perspective."

Berlin, New York, Manchester, 25 February 2021. New Marketing Services for the new world of commerce: Social Chain AG (WKN: A1YC99) forms Social Commerce Alliance GmbH. The new company offers consultancy, strategy and services along the entire digital customer journey. For brands and companies, it is able to offer Social Chain AG‘s entire international Social Commerce expertise.

Christian Rüsken, founding CEO of Social Commerce Alliance GmbH: "Social Chain AG is setting international standards in the field of Social Commerce. From the first click to digital points of sale. The Social Commerce Alliance is now offering its experience in developing and marketing own brands to external customers. Social Chain AG has a well-established team of creative, content and technology experts. We can support customers along the entire digital customer journey. From social media for the first "like" to the optimised sales experience for the successful purchase. We also intend to bring more transparency and measurability to digital marketing, especially for direct-to-customer products. With sales-oriented KPIs and performance-based remuneration models, also in influencer marketing, we are instrumental in breaking down the barriers between marketing and sales.“

Rüsken is a renowned expert for modern multi-channel management as well as affiliate and performance marketing. Until December 2020, he was COO of the Berlin agency Try No Agency. Previously, he worked in management positions at the data management platform Mapp Digital US (formerly Webtrekk), the coupon marketing provider Media-1 and Sparwelt, a company of the media group RTL Germany.

Integrated Digital Marketing Services – owned reach and influencer network included

The Social Commerce Alliance consists of a core team of strategic planners and concept creators, affiliate marketing and user experience experts. It can draw on a team of over 250 experts within Social Chain AG. The Social Chain Agency, with offices in Manchester, New York and Berlin, serves top clients such as TikTok, Zalando US and Amazon. A4D, which was acquired by Social Chain AG last year and is based in San Diego, California, is a US-wide specialist in digital performance marketing.

Customers of the Social Commerce Alliance GmbH can also access Social Chain AG's owned reach and broad influencer network. Social Chain's social communities currently reach 86 million followers. Over 100 influencers with a large number of followers and more than 10,000 micro-influencers collaborate with Social Chain.

Wanja S. Oberhof, CEO Social Chain AG: "The Digital Marketing Services business is an important pillar for us, both from a business and creative perspective. Our revenue expectations for 2021 are EUR 90 million, up from EUR 60 million last year. Working for external corporate clients also strengthens us creatively and reinforces our development, through new challenges, continuous refinements and collaboration. Some agency relationships have already resulted in entrepreneurial partnerships and new product ideas."

Social Commerce as a service: Social Chain AG’s International Competence Center

In addition to its own experts and influencers, Social Commerce Alliance has access to the following Competence Centers at Social Chain AG:

Social Chain Agency UK (100%)
The nucleus of today's Social Chain. Social Media Marketing for top clients like Arla, Boohoo Group and Beats.
Central Content Hub for international Social Media Communities.
Company headquarters: Manchester/London
Employees: 200

Social Chain Agency US (100%)
Social Media Marketing for top clients like TikTok, Zalando US and Amazon.
Company headquarters: New York/Los Angeles
Employees: 50

A4D Inc. (100%1)
Specialist for digital performance marketing.
Company headquarters: San Diego
Employees: 50

1Voting rights

The Social Chain AG: Social Commerce on a global scale
Social Chain AG is reshaping the world of brands and commerce. Our strategy and our actions are "Digital first – direct to customer": from branding to marketing to direct sales of our products in the categories Food, Home & Living, Beauty, and Fitness. Our online shops are the most efficient points of sale for our Direct-to-Consumer brands. More than 70 percent of Direct-to-Consumer sales are performed by our owned and operated online shops. Our communities, with over 86 million followers worldwide, inspire our customers and amplify our brand messages. We manage the expansion of our Social Commerce system of communities, brands, digital points of sale and logistics via our integrated proprietary technology platform: LINKS which analyses interests, purchase intentions and product satisfaction along the entire digital customer journey.
The Social Chain AG‘s headquarters are in Berlin, with additional locations in Munich, London, Manchester, New York, San Diego and Los Angeles. The company employs a total of around 720 people. The Social Chain AG shares are traded on XETRA and several German stock exchanges.

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