KoRo starts its own nut paste production in Germany


The year 2021 ended successfully for the Berlin-based food company KoRo. Around 500 new products were added to the online shop last year. In order to meet the growing demand from customers and to be able to bring its own creations into the shope more quickly, KoRo will be producing some of its bestsellers, such as date creams, in its own production facility in southern Germany from the beginning of 2022.

The first to roll off the production line is one of KoRo's own creations: date cashew vanilla cream. The vegan spread is unique on the market because it consists of only three ingredients: Dates, cashews and vanilla. No palm fat, no preservatives, but the sweetness of the date and full-bodied vanilla flavor. The first 3,000 jars from the company's own production are now available in the online shop while stocks last. In the future, there will be more date cream creations as well as nut purees from the company's own production.

Piran Asci, CEO: "Setting up our own production ensures us not only quality, but also constant availability. Over the years, we have established contact with many suppliers who can now supply us with raw materials. We can flexibly adjust roasting degrees and flavors and also quickly meet customer requests.

New creations and exciting combinations

Another big advantage of having our own production facilities is that we can produce our own creations ourselves and get them into the shop quickly. KoRo has many ideas for its own creations, and in a recent tasting at the Berlin office, the combination of date, cashew and vanilla was particularly convincing. The new date cashew vanilla cream is another unique KoRo creation and will also be produced in-house from now on. In addition, a wide variety of new combinations are to be produced in the future and will leave the KoRo warehouse in Berlin Falkensee.
Through many tastings in KoRo's office in Berlin, it is decided which roasting degrees and spice combinations, such as the date-cashew-vanilla cream, will soon be put into the jars.


KoRo reinvents retail. By skipping trade stages, efficient process flows and bulk packaging in a sleek design, the brand makes high-quality food available to everyone at fair prices. The range includes a wide variety of long-life, natural and processed foods, as well as kitchen utensils, cooking accessories and hygiene products. In doing so, KoRo pursues its vision of becoming Europe's leading supplier of food and goods by consistently implementing its five basic principles: quality, short supply chains, bulk packaging, fair prices, and transparency.